Ungowa Soul Power – Theme Song

Here’s a theme song for this blog and a podcast I’m determined to start.

I’ve been trying to get this nerd culture podcast popping with friends of mine, but their lives are pretty full right now. So, since I already have this domain and plenty of thoughts on plenty of things, against the advice of a Rodimus Prime of The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast, I think I’ll go it alone for a while even if I do sound like a crazy person shouting towards the heavens. I’ll try to make the podcast a little more focused than this blog, and have fun sharing music and musings. That’s all I can promise.

So with that I wish you love peace and U N G O W A – Soooooooul Power!



These may be the ramblings of a mad man

But in my head (I’m a bad bad man)

Trying to make i in the world as a black man

And not be a grouch inside a trash can

I stay woke when I face the sandman

So shake a hand if you overstand man

This is Chuck Spears so you know the plan man

Reach for the stars and take everything I can Man


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Beeboy on a Train

Beeboy cover-sq

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July 20, 2014 · 1:17 pm

DaQuan Says…


My woman was giggling her behind off at this meme about a fictional black drug dealer and mix tape rapper named DaQuan(n) who is dating white girls from the suburbs. The meme is about the relationship the teen girl has with her parents and how they don’t understand her choice in man.  Here go some I made because I thought it would make my lady happy. Maybe it’ll make some people who follow Ungowa Soul Power happy too. It’s a little ratchet, and an ugly mirror for society, but sometimes that’s just what society needs.








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Nerd Mania

nerd mania


This is your good friend Chuck Spears. My friends Rah Unique and Gee2Tha and I are starting a podcast about comics, pop culture and many other wonderful things.

We’re still getting things together, but here’s the theme song in the meantime.

nerd mania-sq

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Updated: Regarding the NFL Redskins

Washington-Redskins     So, since the owner of the Washington DC based NFL team isn’t backing down on changing the team name, even though the won’t renew the Trademark or copyright on the name. He feels he’s so right about this wrongheaded nonsense.  I therefore expanded the song a little to further express my displeasure with his stubborn bullheadedness.

I ain’t even full blooded, certified with sovereignty
But empathize with the mass  genocide an poverty
Now America chooses justice in their foreign policy
behaved horribly when we expanded colonies
In the nations capital football franchise
they keep nasty racial slur aggrandized
might as well be the Washington DC savages
Or the victims of ethnic cleansing practices
Wouldn’t call a team Wops, Spics, Kikes or Jigaboos
How about call them the Souix, cherokee, or seminoles
Pick any tribal nations or a positive trait
Look at the names of teams in other states
the chiefs, not so bad, Atlanta Braves pretty solid
But the name Redskins needs to be abolished
Don’t want to be called a cracker honkie, or devil,
Then Dan Silver should think about being respectful

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Mangoes and Coconuts


I was working on some song or other, and came up with the bell/chime sound and then a bassline..and then a weird song that brings me to a happy place.

mangoes and coconuts



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I was thinking about the creative process and who I do art for after watching Jon Favreau‘s film Chef. The movie touched me a lot, I saw how easily adaptable the story was for any artistic endeavor, not just the culinary arts. I had a mix of emotions about the film, from a slight twinge of nostalgia and jealousy at the chance to work with my friends and make great art at the same time, to having to claw myself back up to the bottom and then rise to the middle and dream about the top.

Anyway I wrote a song about what the creative process means to me and maybe a few other artists out there. It’s a work in progress with my heart firmly on my sleeve.




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