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Ungowa Soul Power – Theme Song

Here’s a theme song for this blog and a podcast I’m determined to start.

I’ve been trying to get this nerd culture podcast popping with friends of mine, but their lives are pretty full right now. So, since I already have this domain and plenty of thoughts on plenty of things, against the advice of a Rodimus Prime of The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast, I think I’ll go it alone for a while even if I do sound like a crazy person shouting towards the heavens. I’ll try to make the podcast a little more focused than this blog, and have fun sharing music and musings. That’s all I can promise.

So with that I wish you love peace and U N G O W A – Soooooooul Power!



These may be the ramblings of a mad man

But in my head (I’m a bad bad man)

Trying to make i in the world as a black man

And not be a grouch inside a trash can

I stay woke when I face the sandman

So shake a hand if you overstand man

This is Chuck Spears so you know the plan man

Reach for the stars and take everything I can Man


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Beeboy on a Train

Beeboy cover-sq

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July 20, 2014 · 1:17 pm

Nerd Mania

nerd mania


This is your good friend Chuck Spears. My friends Rah Unique and Gee2Tha and I are starting a podcast about comics, pop culture and many other wonderful things.

We’re still getting things together, but here’s the theme song in the meantime.

nerd mania-sq

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