Ungowa Soul Power borrows from the chant “Ungowa, Black Power” used by African-American activists in the 60s and 70s. It’s an expression of empowerment through self awareness. It encourages people to attain knowledge of self and the world around them.

This is the world and works of Chuck Spears. Known to his family and friends as Baqi Abdush-Shaheed and to fans of his music as A.B. Do Well. He’s know as Bach Choi in the karaoke world and Bach Holiday and Count Baqula in some places I’m sure.

This is the hub for all those personalities and talents to come together in harmony. You’ll find his artwork, graphics, stories, reviews and editorial articles here. You’ll find them other places as well.

Places like Stop Tying to Play Me. where he blogs with long time friend and fellow Morgan State Univeristy alumni, Sir Diggy.


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