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Chuck Spears was once known as A.B. Do Well in the independent rap group Sight Beyond Light. The group formed to participate in a high School talent show. That high school was LaGuardia HS of Music and Art and the Performing Arts, the high school the Film and TV series Fame is based on.  When they started the group the called themselves the Foolish Children and performed an original song called Revenge of the Asbestos. They subsequently made a limited run CD under the new name SBL, the CD was called The Full Spectrum Analysis. Which got them a little  attention in the New York Underground circuit. A few years later they released the 12″ single New Beginning.

Through SBL member TK Lawrence aka Soem, aka sTERRYo the group was featured on the Dub Pistols second album Six Billion Ways To Live, which had a few  songs in movie soundtracks.  Sight Beyond Light’s follow up single, Have Faith was released on the California based label Deep Concentration, a subdivision of OM Records. After that for some reason the group fizzled out but they all pursued their own musical careers. A.B. Do Well would continue to record with Sub-Conscious as a featured artist on a few tracks and do shows with him as his hype-man. He later put all the unreleased SBL tracks and a few solo songs together on a CD titled A.B. Conversations, which he sold on the streets of New York.  Now he sometimes does feature work and the random show here and there, just because the love for his love for the music will never die. 


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