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Final Judgment – Part 2

Here Comes the Judgment, the FINAL JUDGMENT.

Bethany makes her way into the city with the resurrected Judge Leminsky just behind her. At this hour there are few onlookers. A great many of the people out at this time are out to seek easy prey. Bethany is counting on just that. She tells her zombified judge, ‘‘in life, you served as one who condemns based on the verdict of others; at my service you will act as executioner. I am the judge and jury.”

To test and strengthen their bond she is searching for criminals to punish, as many as she can find. Every streak of blood that touches the judge’s gavel binds his will to Bethany’s. During the first attack she commands, the judge shows hesitance. She has to urge him to finish off the would-be purse-snatcher. Some of Judge Leminsky’s sense of scale still remained. But it didn’t last long. The next target was attempting to rape a woman in a dark alley. At Bethany’s command he rushes forward lifts the criminal up by his throat and smashes his gavel repeatedly at his pelvis, pulverizing bone as he tightens his grip on the rapists throat muffling his screams.

Bethany smiles and thinks, ”Soon Cobb, soon you will feel the hammer of justice. Soon will my husband be avenged. Before your death rattle sounds, I will show you your beating heart.”

Mackenzie Cobb is searching for his next victim, Lawrence Winchester, the officer that arrested him before he could finish of Bethany. Before his dark spell could be cast and her heart and soul would be his forever. She was his student in the occult, but after months of longing for her, he discovered she was married to another, someone not worthy of her beauty, wisdom and talent. Someone who wasn’t Cobb. Someone who had to die, Humberto Corazon, and his death were perfect. Cobb could still taste the flesh of his beating heart, the warm blood trickling down his throat. The Officer wouldn’t have such a distinguished death. It would be slow and painful. He planned to puncture both of the officer’s lungs and stand over him as all breath escaped him. Mack Cobb remembered what precinct Officer Winchester worked in from the arrest and decided to attack him after his shift. As Officer Winchester leaves he thinks he hears a rustling in the nearby bush but thinks nothing of it, and decides it’s probably a squirrel or other harmless creature. He makes his way to his car and drives for a bit when suddenly; a man leaps out in front of the vehicle, causing Winchester to swerve wildly and crash into a mailbox. Lawrence Winchester stumbles out of his car with small shards of glass in his face making him quite the bloody spectacle. Mackenzie Cobb, the man that leaped in the officer’s path rushes toward Winchester and tackles him back down to the ground. He puts his knee on the officer’s neck as he searches his pocket for his ceremonial knife with the hilt shaped like the head of Baphomet. He growls, “Officer Winchester, I have come as promised to evacuate your soul from its mortal vessel. As I have the judge. I showed him mercy and made his death quick. But you, you touched me; you handled me like a common criminal. Your death will be slow, painful and indelicate.”

Cobb’s soliloquy gave Winchester the moment he needed to gather his senses. As Cobb was Fumbling for his knife, Winchester was wriggling and contorting his body to escape the bind he was in. He freed his arm just as Cobb was about to stab him in the chest. His arm blocked the first blow, startling Cobb. Though the pain was agonizing he reached for his gun and fired it near Cobb’s ear. The deafening gunshot made Cobb release his grip and Winchester made it back to his feet, wiping the glass and blood from his face with one arm while he brandished his gun with the other. “Cobb, I fired these shot blocks away from a precinct. I’m sure they’ll be a patrol car here in about a minute, is that going to give me the slow death you want?” Winchester screams like a wounded beast, as if to dare Cobb to continue the assault. Which Cobb does, he notices Winchester is still struggling to see clearly, so he lunges at him with the blade, stabbing him in the gut as police sirens can be heard wailing nearby. Winchester drops his gun and folds to the floor as another officer exits the patrol car, hands clasped on his Gloc. “Put the knife down, sir, and put your hands on your head.” Cobb gestures as though he’s slowly putting the knife down and throws it at the officer. His aim is wide of the mark but it gives him just enough time to slink into a nearby alley. The driver of the squad car gets out and attends to Winchester, while the other gives chase.

“Larry, are you alright, can you speak?” says the officer. Winchester says, “It’s Cobb. Don’t let Mike go after him with out back up.” At that utterance an agonizing scream is heard. A voice familiar to the two officers; Officer Mike Allen is surely dead and Cobb is still on the loose. The Officer calls for back up and an ambulance as Winchester fades into unconsciousness. As the EMTs are putting Winchester in the Ambulance, another officer finds Mike Allen’s corpse. Scrawled in his chest is, “Winchester, you’re next.”

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Final Judgment – Part 1.

Installment 1

The Crescent Bay Cemetery is real estate for the wealthy. Even in death they chose to share their eternal slumber with the elite. The soil here is no better than the soil across town and the worms are not of an exotic breed. The bodies here will decay like all other flesh. At least, most of them will. For tonight there is a woman who has dark designs for one recently deceased judge. Judge Joseph Leminsky. He is the judge that presided over the trail of her husband’s killer. Bethany Corazon had no malice towards the judge; he did an admirable job that led to the murderer’s conviction. But the defendant, Mackenzie Cobb didn’t agree with the judgment and swore to come back and kill the judge, the jury and the witnesses for the prosecution. Cobb was true to his word, because he escaped the prison transport and found his way to Judge Leminsky’s home. Those were the events that left his honor to reside in a plot in Crescent Bay.

Bethany’s intentions this night are to resurrect the judge by performing an arcane ritual. One she knows better than to use, but she feels that desperately needs to conduct this rite. She needs to make Judge Leminsky’s corpse a servant of her will. It’s the only way she can get vengeance.

Bethany chants while she is spoiling the earth that conceals the dead. “I call on the forces of night and shadow. I call on the spirits within this hallowed ground. Let he who in life condemned the wicked continue his work as an agent of my will.” She continues, “Let the sweat and blood of my tireless work be a sacrifice for these spirits, evidence of my need for your aide.”

She exhumes the carcass and reveals her nakedness to perform a dance that will bend his body to her whims and commands. She uses the items that were buried with him, his gavel and his robe to bind him. The sweat from her body is the key ingredient to the spell she is casting. As Bethany dances she wields the gavel and brandishes it about and the judges body begins to stir. She bangs the gavel on the tombstone and it starts to transmute it’s essence from wood to stone. The tombstone of the resurrected judge now crumbles to dust. Clouds form in the sky and thunder begins to rumble violently. The wind blows in gusts scattering the dust from the tombstone and envelopes the body of the judge. His rest is over he is now at her command, his skin, now stone and his resolve is the only part of his form that remains dead. He is hers now, body and what is left of his soul. The rain that falls is thick and slaps on the judge’s stone form with a tone that rivals the thunderclap from the storm. Bethany grins at the result of her dark labors. She says, “Now we begin our work. Now the justice I seek is at hand and Cobb will pay for what he’s done. We were both his victims, now with your body and my will; we will be the agents of his Final Judgment.

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