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Star Patrol Zone L7


Some mornings silly ideas pop in my head. A few days ago, a short story I wrote at a writers workshop/meetup group popped into my head as my eyes opened. It was a basic pastiche of the Green Lantern or Nova Corps type organization of Space Cops. I can’t find the story anymore I just have the idea in my head from when I originally wrote it. He’s a  cop, in space, around our solar system, where not too much actually happens. But when it does, this space cop is overwhelmed, because he’s just some dude that got this crazy obligation of monitoring this sector of space. The thing is, he’s basically me, as a space cop. His name is Sharif Baxter. In his thirties, drifting in life until this calling finds him and he comically has to adjust to new circumstances and situations.


Here he is, kind of in a more cartoony Bruce Timm patrolman zone L7


And here’s a ,ore serious take.




Star Patrol-2


I don’t know what to do with him really. I’m thinking a simple web strip or simple animation series.

Other ideas popped up for side characters and expanding the corps.  But for now, a lone  space cop in crazy situations will likely be where I go with it.




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Bringing Down The House of Wax

bringing down wax

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May 10, 2014 · 11:12 am

Like Magic Mike

Here’s another Mash-Up.

like magic mike

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New Thug-O-Nomics Art

thug-o-nomics 2014

Took me a while to get to this one. I had a lot of trial and error. But PhotoShop having layers are a big help. So, this is a  multiplatinum selling rapper named Thug-O-Nomics, whose song was in the previous post. Pretty much a studio gangsta that evokes Dr. Doom imagary. I hope. Trying for a Daniel Acuna style. It’s shaping up,  I think.


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The Wire

I just got all five seasons of the Wire, around christmas for like 50 bucks.

I’m trying to learn the art of the caricature, and these are characters I sort of love. So heres my labor of love.


Cedric Danielsstringer

Stinger Belllester

Lester Freamonpropjoe-sepia


RIP to Prop Joe


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A few Drawings.

Work has slowed my pace, here are a few Redesigns for Art Jams on CBR. The first is Quentin Quire, Kid Omega, in the trappings of a Greek/Roman god-king.



The following is the offspring of two Avengers. One being Thunder Strike, a guy who stood in for Thor for a while.  The other is a chick named Magdalene, who was pretty much a Marvel analogue for Big Barda, from Kirby’s Fourth World. 

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Project CBRunway Round 4: Breakfast Club

This is from Round 4  of Comic Book Resources Project CBRunway. The theme for the week was John Hughes’ classic teen film from the 80s,”The Breakfast Club.”

We had to make the archetypical characters, the Brain, The Princess, The Basket-case, the Jock and the Criminal, into Super Heros. After selecting a number between one and five I was assigned the Jock,  Andrew Clark, played by Emilio Estevez. The character he played was an athlete on the wrestling team in detention because he duct taped some poor saps butt cheeks together.

He looks capable of juvenile evil.

So my approach was to give him the basic super hero strongman look and add a few touches from the movie. He has typical wrestling gear, a mask and his varsity jacket from the film. Here’s the inked drawing.

And the final colored image.

As the Gym Class Hero, Andrew Clark dons his varsity jacket and wrestling uniform to take down the bullies and creeps at Shermer High School redeeming himself for having once been a locker room bully. He asked the “Brain” to soak his costume in “chemical X” to make them more durable, the treads on his wrestling boots are reenforced with a metallic rubber to help him keep his ground and his mask is worn under his headgear, because it looks a little less silly that way. His belt is a novelty belt he got on line, a replica of the championship belt from his favorite pro wrestling company and his fingerless gloves are padded to protect his knuckles, and not leave bruises on wrongdoers.

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