Get Up Off This

So I recorded something for the first time in many years. My lady got me into listening to Podcasts, and in particular one called Get Up On This hosted by Jensen Karp (@GetUpOnJensen ), a former rapper that went by the name Hot Karl, and Matthew Robinson @MrMattRobinson  ) a screen-writer and all around reasonable fellow. Get Up On This is basically about Jensen and a guest  telling the audience three things that display the best taste in music, art , fashion and other aspects of culture; while Matthew is given one pick along the same lines.  They have a spin-off show called Get Up Off This, where Matt is the host and he tells the audience what to stop doing. They have a standing request for theme song submissions, so this is what I recorded.

What you getting mad at me for? (Get Up Off This!)
Nobody’s doing that anymore. (You suckers)
What you getting mad at me for? (Get Up Off This!)
Nobody’s doing that anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen (Hello) What up and hey Stupids
Here to Spread the Love For free like OK Cupid
Usually we introduce you to exclusives
But now we telling you it ain’t cool & don’t do it
You Rockin’ Ed Hardy and cuff your jeans
But wanna get props, homie fuck your dreams
You think the best movie is Shawshank Redemption
Matty says Try Harder, but it’s all right with Jensen
So before you go out and waste your pay-stubs
Let these two cats here update your taste-buds
Dudes got good advice, but take it with a grain of salt
And if you wanna be lame (fuckers) it ain’t they’re fault
Giving you a chance to cut your losses
The name of this podcast is Get Up Off This
Before we close we get jokes from their twitter folks
But for the love of God, please, no mo Brita jokes

This is a podcast, within a podcast
You can find it every Tuesday on Smodcast
We gonna outlast, this is a mash up
It’s going down son, so get your ass up (off this)
Get your ass up (off this)
Get your ass up (off this)
It’s going down, so get your ass up (off this)
Get your ass up, get your monkey ass up (off this)


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