My mind was being fried by the cute animal gif gig I’ve been doing, so I went to cracked.com in the forums and looked in the Artist Work Order Thread. Someone requested this:

Hey folks! Mind if I ask for a two-panel thing?
Imagine a dumb middle-aged guy, looks a bit like Woody Harrelson with a crew cut. In the first panel he’s all listless, you know, just kind of out of it, and he’s saying “I want one too…” But then in the second panel he bursts into anger, and he’s shaking his fists and quivering with his eyes bulging out and everything. He’s shouting, “BUT I CAIN’T!!”
I’d really appreciate it if somebody could draw that for me. Thanks in advance!

I thought it would be a fun exercise, so I whipped this up in about half an hour or so.



I hope the guy can use it. It was fun.

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