Impossible White Man

I listen to a lot of podcasts. One of my favorites is The Black Guy Who Tips, a podcast where the slogan is, “Nothing is wrong if it’s funny.” The Podcast is hosted by Rodimus Prime and his wife Karen. In the show he brings up his favorite genre of movie, a sub-genre of Action Films called “Impossible White Man.” The qualifiers for what makes a movie fit this genre are listed on this page.  A while ago Rodimus touted Olympus Has Fallen, starring Gerard Butler, as a good example of this kind of film. I finally got around to watching it and it inspired the most amazing thing! A song by me. The one below.


How does he do it
Is he specially trained
If it moves he can shoot it
It cannot be explained
He’s not unlikely, not just improbable
Mows down his enemies, he’s so unstoppable
Survives by any means, it seems illogical
He is the White Man, we call impossible
He is impossible
(Impossible White Man!)
He is the white man, we call impossible
(Impossible White Man!)
He is impossible
(Impossible White Man!)x4
He is impossible



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