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I was thinking about the creative process and who I do art for after watching Jon Favreau‘s film Chef. The movie touched me a lot, I saw how easily adaptable the story was for any artistic endeavor, not just the culinary arts. I had a mix of emotions about the film, from a slight twinge of nostalgia and jealousy at the chance to work with my friends and make great art at the same time, to having to claw myself back up to the bottom and then rise to the middle and dream about the top.

Anyway I wrote a song about what the creative process means to me and maybe a few other artists out there. It’s a work in progress with my heart firmly on my sleeve.




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He’s Behind You!





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May 26, 2014 · 9:17 pm

Let’s Go, Again


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May 26, 2014 · 9:34 am

Nugget – The Homicidal Honey Bear


Here’s a song I made for the What Say You podcast. The What Say You Podcast consist of Brian Quinn and Sal Vulcano from the Tru TV series, Impractical Jokers. In the podcast they introduced the idea of a psychotic honey bear named that Sal tried to carry on board a flight. They proposed an animated short contest for the honey bear, who the discovered was named “Nugget.” I made a song inspired by the Hanna Barbera theme songs I loved in my youth to maybe be animated at some point. Below is that glorious song.


Here’s an accompanying cover pic for the song.nugg3t

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May the 4th Be With You

Grevious and Hutthead-web

I woke up this morning with this idea in my head, and later realized it was May 4th. Kismet.

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GIFs for friends.


These are a few animations for  some former co-workers for when I worked at at a Jesuit library for the blind. One guy really likes the ’66 Batman series so I chibi-fied it for ease and did this.


And the Head of the Organization was an opera singer and sings often in the office, randomly. Also he has a thing for rhinoceros art. So this was done up for him.

Father-RhinoThe other folks are a little harder to personify as they don’t have spirit animals that they made me aware of. Well one guy likes squirrels, so I’ll do something with that later.


I made this for my friends birthday.


She’s a kick ass drummer and artist. Her energy is always up.

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Chibi Beeboy


I’ve been trying to simplify the characters of the Beeboy universe for animation purposes. This Gif gig really has me inspired so, now there are these chibi/kawaii Beeboy characters. Things like this just happen. I mean they take a while to happen, but they pop into my mind and I have to share.

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Always Ready

T-Shirt design for so badass it hurts contest on

Always Ready-72dp

I went with 80s action movie motifs. Rambo’s hair and headband. Dutch’s vest with grenades from Predator. A BFG . Nun chucks, so many American Ninja  and martial arts movies in the 80s. Chuck Norris’/Burt Reynold’s mustache. Aviator Sun Glasses.  Arnold’s trademark cigarrs. This is what action looked like to me as a kid. Hopefully the judges think so too.

If they don’t I’ll post in in zazzle and or cafepress.

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Gunpowder and Toast


Mogadishu – A character from the Stunning Adventures of Beeboy entered my head the other night and I started writing verses for Mogadishu. Then I made a beat, then I recorded a song, then I created an image for the song. I get carried away sometimes. Hopefully another character from Beeboy will pay my mind a visit.

So right below is the original recording, and the original cover work.



And here’s the more recent version for both the song and the art work.



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Gotta Have Ya Baby

A mix I did mainly to work on my timing for samples and “Music Composition” in general. I’m an amateur at this game so I’m looking for the cleanest instrumentals and vocals. Aretha Franklin’s song, “Baby, I Love You”  has long been in my head as a song that has that kind of potential, and I’m sure someone in the world has sampled it. So I got busy with that and maybe, just maybe went a little too far with that sample from the back-up singers saying “baby.” Any as it turns out today is Aretha’s Birthday. So I’m putting up the track, rough, though it may be, in her honor.Some Day, You Might Wanna Run Away

For the image I put together for this track  I wanted to use young Aretha. I’m my search for an image I discovered she was once married to Glynn Turman, who you might know as Mayor Royce from the Wire, Col. Taylor from A Different World or that young playa, Preach, from Cooley High. With that information I found a pic from Cooley High and it was perfect, him looking over his shoulder  with an expressive face. I went a little retro with the design. I like it and the track.

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