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Updated: Regarding the NFL Redskins

Washington-Redskins     So, since the owner of the Washington DC based NFL team isn’t backing down on changing the team name, even though the won’t renew the Trademark or copyright on the name. He feels he’s so right about this wrongheaded nonsense.  I therefore expanded the song a little to further express my displeasure with his stubborn bullheadedness.

I ain’t even full blooded, certified with sovereignty
But empathize with the mass  genocide an poverty
Now America chooses justice in their foreign policy
behaved horribly when we expanded colonies
In the nations capital football franchise
they keep nasty racial slur aggrandized
might as well be the Washington DC savages
Or the victims of ethnic cleansing practices
Wouldn’t call a team Wops, Spics, Kikes or Jigaboos
How about call them the Souix, cherokee, or seminoles
Pick any tribal nations or a positive trait
Look at the names of teams in other states
the chiefs, not so bad, Atlanta Braves pretty solid
But the name Redskins needs to be abolished
Don’t want to be called a cracker honkie, or devil,
Then Dan Silver should think about being respectful

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