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I Mustache You Something Important

Come With Me if You Want to Live

Come With Me if You Want to Live

Well, it takes a while to explain. I’ve been working on some music production/beat making and I wanted to make a hipster song. So I named the track before I ever laid down any digital instruments. So I mustache you something important¬†seemed appropriately in the collective unconscious, using the fingerstache meme. I laid some basic drum tracks and played out a bass line, then I decided to throw a simple place holder vocal track, and there was a dumb idea for a song I wanted to use for a pop song, the most quoted line from Terminator. After I discovered I really liked the come with me if you want to live line I started to listen to the theme for Terminator for cues. I snatched the iconic drums and copied a few of thos patterns, then filled out the track with softer instrumentals. I like the balance. You might too, have a listen.

The artwork came after the track was done. The Idea of a Terminator with a fingerstache was funny to me. So I made it.

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