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Book of Monsters – Collaboration

I’m a regular visitor of the Comic Book Resources Forums, using the screen name, Your Imaginary Pal, and do the frequent Draw-Me-An-X and Draw-Me-An-Avenger art JAMS there. A fellow site member liked some of my work and asked if I’d do a few strips for his web-comic The Book Of Monsters. It’s a fun site that features the writing of Steve Morris or as he’s known as on CBR, Seresecros, and the artwork of assorted artists. The comic follows Susan and Colin on their adventures in mystical and even mundane realms as they find and converse with monsters and beast from a variety of folkloric figures.

Here are a few of my contributions.

For the uninitiated the setting the kids are in is the backdrop of many a Super Mario Bros. game. The Monster here is a GOOMBA.

I had fun researching this monster, because there was only one article that had the Bluatschink of legend. Most of the search results were for what looks like an Austrian band that makes children’s music, which is a little terrifying considering the Bluatschink lures children into ponds and lakes so he can eat them.

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