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Potent Water Potion

Potent Water Potion550

I’ve been making beats and mixes, with art work to support them. I think it legitimizes the music. Any I was going into this one with the idea that I wanted to make a Bass Music track about bottle service. I decided to look for sound effects with ice clanking in a glass and liquid pouring. So I found that through google at FreeSFX.co.uk. I laid down a basic Kick/Snare drum pattern and added the sound effects to sync up with the snare. I decided I wanted to try adding a vocal element, like all the cool producers, so I looked through my music files for nice clean vocals. I landed on young Tevin Campbell as a featured singer on the song Round and Round from the soundtrack to Prince‘s third film, Graffiti Bridge. I later looked  for a rap vocal to sample, hoping for an acapella, and I remembered my partner Sub-Conscious had a few acapella songs on his debut album Lyric Lover’s Deluxe.   Put it all together and made this. Hope you like.


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