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The Red Roach


I had an idea for a character on the way to see Stallone’s new shoot ’em up, Bullet to the Head. It was for a character that was simpler than other characters and stories I’ve been developing. It was an insect based character, I just love those. Anyway the character’s theme is based on roaches, filthy disgusting roaches. He’s a pest to the criminal underworld.

The idea here is to do one page stories akin to the old Hostess snack ads from the 70s and 80s.

The comics would feature a villain of the week an we catch the action just as it’s about to get resolved. For the first issue I have the hero fighting a squid themed villain, Carl O’Marley, PHD. The Roach is trapped and has to find a way to escape. That’s all I thought about going in before laying out the action in a thumbnail.

thumbnail for the first installment


After I lay out he basic action I drew it, inked it, then in the Marvel Way added the dialog. And there we have the first installment below. rr-grey-words1.1

The following images show the thought process for framing the second installment of The Red Roach. As in the case of the first strip, I just thought of a basic situation and laid out some interesting ideas for images based on the characters I wanted to use. This time I used the Pigeon as the antagonist. She’s just your basic winged flyer, bust so is the Red Roach. Again I start with the basic idea of them flying and I have to find a way to resolve it in a few panels. I decided I’d rather not have him hit a woman, so she had to crash into a wall.



Here are few flight and collision studies for the Pigeon.

Below is the finished product for the second installment. 


You can go ahead and follow the Red Roach and his continuing adventures here at theredroach.wordpress.com.


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Project CBRunway 7: Round 2 – Gender Bender

It’s been a while between posts, life crept up on me and spun me around for a loop. But I think I can manage this once a week again. Anyway here’s a treat. A two for one shot in the Comic Book Resources, Project CBRunway competition. First up, CBRunway : Round 2 – Gender Bender. In this round I had to swap power sets for two comic book characters, the challenge being the characters are of different genders. One has to be male, the other female. I went with Doctor Doom and Black Canary. It made sense in my head, but the end result wasn’t a voter favorite. Such is life.

The trick was to have the characters switch power sets and costumed identities yet retain the essence of who they are. With Black Canary, I really liked her ponytail look in Birds of Prey. For some reason it made me think of a dominatrix. So I went with that, since she’s not a doctor of any kind. I looked into fetish gear and decided a mask made of leather straps said, “ooh, kinky.” Changed the color scheme of her costume to resemble Doom’s signature look and  added some thigh high boots with leather straps and came up with this.

Dinah Lance as Dominatrix Doom

For Doom I had to think what it would mean for Him to have a sonic scream. So I modified his mask so his mouth looked like a speaker that would amplify 
the scream to Black Bolt levels. Well, close to it. Doom needs his hood, so I kept that modified the color scheme of his tunic to make him a Wiz Khalifa fan. (ie. Black and Yellow) I kept his armor because I Imagine like his mask it’s seared onto his flesh. I could be wrong, though.

Victor Von Doom as Black Canary

For those of you who hate it and say it’s not very “Doom” like, let’s just say he’s a Doombot.

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