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Star Patrol Zone L7


Some mornings silly ideas pop in my head. A few days ago, a short story I wrote at a writers workshop/meetup group popped into my head as my eyes opened. It was a basic pastiche of the Green Lantern or Nova Corps type organization of Space Cops. I can’t find the story anymore I just have the idea in my head from when I originally wrote it. He’s a  cop, in space, around our solar system, where not too much actually happens. But when it does, this space cop is overwhelmed, because he’s just some dude that got this crazy obligation of monitoring this sector of space. The thing is, he’s basically me, as a space cop. His name is Sharif Baxter. In his thirties, drifting in life until this calling finds him and he comically has to adjust to new circumstances and situations.


Here he is, kind of in a more cartoony Bruce Timm patrolman zone L7


And here’s a ,ore serious take.




Star Patrol-2


I don’t know what to do with him really. I’m thinking a simple web strip or simple animation series.

Other ideas popped up for side characters and expanding the corps.  But for now, a lone  space cop in crazy situations will likely be where I go with it.




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Gifs for Friends pt. 3

To finish up with the co-workers, we have Supergirl, who is for the woman who gave me back issue of a comic when I left the company, and a coffee drinking owl for another who I saw wear some owl earrings once.

Really simple animations. But I think they’ll like ’em.



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Gifs For Friends pt. 2


Just a few more gifs for that last job I held. One guy likes squirrels and puzzles and another guy likes comic books. I never asked his favorite character, but Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out this weekend, so Spidey it is.






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May the 4th Be With You

Grevious and Hutthead-web

I woke up this morning with this idea in my head, and later realized it was May 4th. Kismet.

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Batman Gif Revisited


Did this over in Adobe Flash. Timing is very different than the timeline in PhotoShop. But, gotta learn somehow.

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GIFs for friends.


These are a few animations for  some former co-workers for when I worked at at a Jesuit library for the blind. One guy really likes the ’66 Batman series so I chibi-fied it for ease and did this.


And the Head of the Organization was an opera singer and sings often in the office, randomly. Also he has a thing for rhinoceros art. So this was done up for him.

Father-RhinoThe other folks are a little harder to personify as they don’t have spirit animals that they made me aware of. Well one guy likes squirrels, so I’ll do something with that later.


I made this for my friends birthday.


She’s a kick ass drummer and artist. Her energy is always up.

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Chibi Beeboy


I’ve been trying to simplify the characters of the Beeboy universe for animation purposes. This Gif gig really has me inspired so, now there are these chibi/kawaii Beeboy characters. Things like this just happen. I mean they take a while to happen, but they pop into my mind and I have to share.

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