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Wanna Buy?

Podcasts are so inspirational. A few months back, I posted a theme song for Get Up Off This, now Matt Robinson is asking for a Heavy Metal song about a kid in his neighborhood who sells soda on the corner and only speaks two words of English, which are, “Wanna Buy?” His voice has been described as similar to Joy Behar from the daytime talk show, The View.

Here’s what I think the kid looks like.

Wanna Buy?-550

Now, I haven’t ever made a metal song before. I rarely listen to Heavy Metal, but  I like a challenge. I think this might could work as some type of indie rock.


Wanna Buy, on the corner selling soda Wanna Buy? x2
It’s a hot day in California
I’m wearing my shorts and my tennis shoes
what do I see down  the corner
one, one  little kid with a lemonade stand a lemonade stand
I don’t understand why he’s wearing all black
he’s wearing all black
a wool suit and he has a question
Wanna Buy, on the corner selling soda Wanna Buy? x2

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